We are 3 douchebags trying to earn a couple extra cash by starting up an apparel line. At the start, we had no aim at all. Now, we’re just trying the hit the market with all kinds of different and unique designs. This is to cater to everyone as different people have different opinions and aspects of design. Hence, coming up with a “no restriction” kinda theme will suit us.

Oh! And if you’re reading this and you’ve always had a passion for designing but do not wish to start up an apparel line, you can e-mail us your artwork and who knows, we may even have a chance to do a collaboration together. All you need is creative designing capabilities!

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The team at Dawn & Dusk are advocates of adventurism, inspired by the music, culture and the people who surround them, we believe that life is more poetic than it may seem to the ordinary eye. Each design is made with the commitment to bringing the customers a high quality product to leave them beyond satisfied.


“Brave the storm, Make it happen”

In life, we never fail to feel discouraged, bummed down by our struggles that sometimes makes us feel so insignificant. But we push on. That’s what we do best, we persevere and we watch our hard work turn into our beautiful creation, life. That’s what we believe in. The team at Dawn & Dusk embraces life positively and explore every new opportunities.

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Renascent means to be born again.

It all started when a pair of siblings were just sitting at a coffeeshop and watching the world go by as we talked about our dreams. We wanted to do something different, to take flight and venture into things we haven’t tried before. We were clueless and unsure about starting an apparel line at first but we took action anyway. So here we are, driven to create a diversity of clothes for our customers. We believe that what we wear is part of who we are. For our apparel is renascent, nothing will stop our growth. We are just going to do what we do best and we leave the rest to you to decide if it defines you.


‘Why wonder when you should WANDER’

We are a couple with big dreams , with the support and faith we have in each other we decided to WANDER OUT from our dreams and make it into a reality Nothing comes easy when people ask which school are we from , not everyone has a good impression of ITE students but nothing stop us from starting our own apparel business having the support from our peers , family and guidance from tee culture we stand stronger and having better confidence in our own apparels! Is never to young to start , start now before you regret!