Alan HeeCo-founder & CEO
My name is Alan Hee, and I am more than just the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of TeeCulture. I am also the resident beer specialist and aspire to have a cushy beanbag in my multilevel office some day… Sure, I may be the Vice-President of the Infocomm Club in Hillgrove Secondary School and was once part of the Executive Committee of the NP Environmental Rangers Club, but my proudest achievement is undoubtedly my Level 100 Overwatch account. Through my time in MOS Burger, the No Signboard Restaurant, the Stewards River Boat and City Chain, I’ve learnt that I’m not afraid to get down and dirty when it comes to work (especially when it comes to food). My flair for creativity and design allows me to envision and create goals for TeeCulture and I am primarily responsible for liaising with our established partners and (literally) kicking your ass with my black belt in Taekwondo.
Chng Chun KangCo-founder & CFO
My name is Chun Kang and I’m the Chief Financial Officer and Co-Founder of TeeCulture when I’m not busy reading books to satisfy the big nerd in me. Hailing from NP Student Toastmasters Club, means I have a knack for public speaking and being a Project Director of the NP Sandbox also means I’ve had my fair share of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, which all help in my grand scheme for World Peace. As CFO, my main role is to tolerate Alan’s singing and ensure that we keep financial records of the ins and outs of our company, but what is perhaps my most important function is to bombard my colleagues with terrible pun(ishment) and bad jokes daily.
Doreen FanCo-founder & Marketing Director
My name is Doreen and I was a Professional Gamer before this lame T-Shirt printing company decided to enrol me as their Co-Founder and Marketing Director. As President of the Regent Secondary Student Council, I’ve captivated millions with my awkward jokes and radiant smile and my time as the Publicity Officer of NP BA Envoys has made me into a self-taught designer. But this certainly does not mean I can’t school you in a game of DOTA. My creative potential has been involved in the conceptualisation of many publicity campaigns in the past six years but my cheerful and friendly disposition has led to many more friends. As the Marketing Director, I am responsible for designing adverts and maintaining our social presence, as well as “marketing” for junk food to stock our office pantries.
Wen Hong NgCo-founder & COO
My name is Wen Hong and I am the Chief Operations Officer and Co-Founder of TeeCulture when I’m not working as a Netflix subscriber. Being the President of the Hillgrove Infocomm Club and working with Alan means we’ve forged a strong bond over the years. I also have a habitual addiction to fried chicken which I pay for, using the funds I earn as a web-hoster. I’m also the missing link when it comes to website design which is why what you’re reading right now about all of us was entered by me ;). As the COO, I’m primarily responsible for liaising and sourcing for suppliers, discovering new processes, maintaining our website and befriending our mannequin, Bob.